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Ronan's report

Thursday April 10th, 2008

The Streamside Kit, which as you will remember was my answer to organised flycrime in the Westside of Christchruch, has flipped full circle and hooked me in the ass - or, as we say in England: Arse. And that's because a secret project sees me back to New Zealand for two weeks of cold, late-season, primetime hardcore flyfishing. It's all happening, especially here in Hungary, and we're striking out for World Domination.

Sealfur - and we're not talking smoking either. Claret, Fiery, Red, Black and many other colours, outlawed in the US, it's all part of the Sexyloops tie-while-you-fly Streamside Kit, the remix, about to be revisited.

'ackles. Not allowed for transport to UnZ, because they're lethal, I'll be adding from the NZ Truck Fly Kit, but just between us you can expect Grizzle, Greenwells, Iron Blue and Black. Hooks - check out Partridge Of Redditch - they're in. Vosseler Vise Head. Some tools; scissors, velcro, bobbin holder, 'ackle plier, Light of Aapgai. Tungsten in many sizes, marabou, deer hair - but not for export, tinsel (Sean), chenille, bunny, wires, and MORE.

And it all fits in my toothbrush bag. From now on, wherever I roam I will have my Streamside Kit. On the train from Naggashagga, on the toilet, windsurfing, down the local - that's right, the streamside kit is now not only for streamsides; it is for everywhere!

Clever thinking like this is why we are here. Pictures in today's POD. I just have to create it first..,

See you in NZ Ronan - and don't forget to bring your underpants, it's much colder now.


PS No Country For Old Men - it's a "Manshit Movie" according to Miss SL, almost as Manshit as the Revolution.

PPS It's all about to happen in Europe!

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