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Ronan's report

Thursday 9th October, 2014

For those of you who only check out Sexyloops in the morning, Bernd did write an FP yesterday but posted it late because he was shagging. Fishing or shagging are the only two acceptable excuses here on Sexyloops. He wrote about "What to expect from a flycasting lesson."

I'm flying to the UK today, I have just under two weeks there and then I'm heading to Queensland, Australia. This weekend we'll have our first official British Team Meet for putting together a strong team for the next World Championships. I have a few phone calls to make tomorrow because I'm hoping to find a local stillwater for the Spey casting. I have three places in mind! If all else fails I know an estuary. We'll be attending a gym at some point too, discussing nutrition and I'm organising a weekend programme! Lee and I really want to take our performance up to a much more serious level, because it's become necessary.

I've had a really enjoyable summer in Eastern Europe. I've particularly enjoyed the past month or so, fishing Croatia and so on. Next year should be a cracker! By the time I leave the cabin it will be winterised and locked up tighter than a nun's pussy. Tomorrow I'll go pike fishing in a local river and next week I'm fishing the backend on the reservoirs. I just can't seem to get enough of fishing at the moment.

Thanks Latohegy for an awesome summer!

Today's POD is Ronan's latest report.

Cheers, Paul

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