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Ronan's report

Saturday November 3rd 2012

Christ, it's already November...

Well, that's not what this is about, it's an update on experiences so far in the little gravel pit lake me and my work colleague have access to.

I've learned something interesting - it seems that the fish are not selective at all, in fact, they are so un-selective that as far as I can tell, they'll eat anything I throw at them. Last time we were there, my colleague was catching them on different , small crank baits and I caught four fish on four different flies.

It is of course impossible to tell if I had caught 25 if I used "the right flies", but I think not. Generally the fish are a little thin, but they are very strong and they are hitting the flies very hard indeed!

A black Wooly Bugger size 4, a Mickey Finn size 6, a black and red Snatcher size 14 I think (I think I got it from Magnus in a flyswap a while back) and an Arden Damsel size 12 were the flies that caught the fish. Quite a varied selection...

What I have found however is that the fish seemingly don't move very far to take the fly. Being an abandoned gravel pit, the water is very clear - I'm guessing right now a visibility of around 6m/18 feet, so at least something like a black, size 4 Wooly Bugger is visible to a trout from a long way. But it seems that fishing depth is quite vital to get right before I start picking up fish.

The lake is around 14m/42feet deep at the deepest point and features a very varied depth elsewhere. I've had days where they were feeding just below the surface (easy to recognise as they bulge under the surface, and days of picking of fish consistently on type 5/6 sinking shooting heads. Quite interesting and since it seems that the fly is less important, there are also days where we never discover the depth the fish are feeding at and pick up only one or two (or even none :-).

It's time to re-read Steve Parton's "Modern Fundamentals of Boat Fishing and Floattubing", which is an incredibly good, information packed book. And then of course Paul's stillwater section, which I also have as a small book, which is now sold out and hence incredibly rare and sought after. However, the book clearly reflects Paul's lifestyle as there are no chapters on lake fishing in November, December, January, February and March, where Paul usually spends his time elsewhere :-).

It's so much fun exploring a new fishery like this - I can't wait to go there agin!

Have a great weekend!


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