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Ronan's report

Saturday January 24th, 2007

On a fading afternoon with the quiet blurble of the river passing by, I was standing in the middle of the river facing downstream changing flies. The sun was still warm, but its intensity had softened as it quietly settled down toward isn't rest behind the hills. Just another one of those quiet moment alone on the river when you're focused on what you're doing. I was switching to a


Fuck me! Let me swallow my heart back down into my chest and get a breath. "On your right/left" was common to me on the slopes as humans hurtle downhill pass one another, but I'd never heard it on the river. A guy in a short open canoe had just drifted upon me in silence. He slipped past, dipped the blade of his paddle into the water softly, pivoted and swung into the lee of a boulder. He rested his paddle across the gunwale and grinned from behind a half-scruff beard.

"How's the fishing?"

"God Damn. You scared the crap out of me. Not bad, a few here and there."

We chatted for a half minute. He excused himself vanishing downstream in a few paddle strokes dancing along the current between the stones and was gone almost as quickly as he'd appeared.

If ever there was a watercraft that resembled fly fishing, this was it. He read the river following the flow and navigating with agile technique and put power to the paddle smoothly and sparingly. Looking around, there are terms, heritage clubs and old ways. He wasn't a slave to the water like an inner tube set adrift, nor hammering through like a kayak. He was part of the water and its enviable grace.

I'd like to learn that some day.


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