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Ronan's report

Monday October 30, 2006

To an outsider it's been planned. But of course nothing is planned. I've been away this weekend, in fact I'm still away. But I'll be back tonight.

It is in fact Thursday when I'm writing this, so goodness knows what will have happened by now (Monday). Probably quite a bit. I know one thing for (almost) sure, I'm busy as hell right now. Sexyloops is opening on all fronts - I'm not really sure how that happened - I don't think it was planned. But it is happening, so that's exciting.

This week - probably - at some point - we're in the final stages of the latest developments. Some of them we've discussed, some we've been keeping secret. All of them are exciting. Hang onto your shorts, baby, it's all about to happen: Launch the Woolly Bugger.

You won't believe our Media Pack by the way. Even I'm shocked. How did Sean ever grow up looking like that? Christ, and how old is Bob Wyatt anyway?

It's a bit like fly fishing really, you tie up all the flies you think you'll need, smuggle in a couple of 5-weights, put on some camo and sneak around the bushes, you pretend your somewhere else, blow the Terminator Horn in four different locations and dive in.

Bring on the Mugwai.


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