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Ronan's report

Wednesday 27 February, 2013

For 15 years now I am using the internet as an additional source to learn more about fly fishing and especially fly casting. 7 years ago I stopped reading ONLY and instead signed in and started to actively join the Sexyloops forum. Now quite a few (thousand) postings later, I am having a short resume:

To me Sexyloops is the worldwide leading forum in all fields in fly casting. One may find an incredible amount of information about fly casting and its details in this forum. A lot of fly casting instructors and simply fly casting experts from all over the world have joined the forum over the years. No doubt this leaded to an immense source of detailed information. What Sexyloops can't tell you about fly casting, probably isn't worth knowing. In fact some of what Sexyloops CAN tell you, you probably wouldn't want to know either.

Sexyloops offers to read some remarkable informative (and long) threads like:

"Casting Analyzer" started by Harps: 1238 postings (27483 views)

"Delayed Rotation" started by Frank Lopresti: 923 postings (22238 views)

"Cast and release" started by Rasmus: 559 postings (20854 views)

"Early/late tail" started by FredrikH: 313 postings (12955 views)

"Core definitions" started by Paul Arden: 859 postings (18068 views)

"Dolphin nosed loops" started by Trevlett: 238 postings (10773 views)

"TLT" started by Michal Duzynski: 503 postings (20000 views)

"Tailing Loops" started by Dana Sturn: 11 postings followed by 33 additional Tailing Loop threads offering >1000 postings!

And then if you use the search button and just search in the titles of the fly casting part of the forum, you find:

>800 postings about CREEP

>1000 postings about The STOP

>400 postings about LOADING (the rod)

There is also a great archive of fine articles about quite a lot of different topics: Articles

Something you can't find or don't think it ever has been discussed? Well, then please join us and ask. This is were we all can learn. Doesn't matter weather you are a fly casting instructor or a beginner in fly casting. We all learn of one another.

From all forums I am participating in, Sexyloops is also the leading forum in the number and size of OFFTOPIC discussions. In many other forums there is a moderator not allowing such offtopic discussions - even if they are very informative. But here on Sexyloops the only rule seems to be: If you want to learn more about fly casting: This is the place to be!

And even though some threads have become damned long and far offtopic, this is exactly why I am here on Sexyloops: I want to learn. Paul opened this gate and still offers a great place for learning by exchanging knowledge. To those of you - ONLY reading yet - come in and join: The gates are open always! And simply there will be more to learn, if YOU join us, too. So I hope to read all of you on the board soon!

All my best


p.s.: Thanks for all your great work to always keep the board running, Paul!

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