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Ronan's report

Saturday March 24th, 2007

Q: What does Simon Gawesworth, Charles Jardine, Tim Rajeff, Claudio Ballasone and Ian Gordon have in common?

This weeks topic is pets you can eat.... I've never really had a pet that you could eat - alright, we could have ate that rabbit 25 years ago, and I suppose our old and long gone dog, Arri, would have been in the danger-zone if we lived in China.

A: The same as A. K. Best, Hans Weilenmann, Herman Broers, Peter Dunne and Paul Little.

So what does that mean?: They are all attending The Danish FlyFestival 2007. A great event that, as you can see, attracts some of the World's best flytiers and flycasters. There are casting demos, speaks and a great atmosphere.

And what's just as important, is that there is an opportunity to become certified casting instructor in the FFF. Certifications will be carried out in all three levels, CCI - MCI and THCI.

We hope to see you there!!!


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