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Ronan's report

Wednesday 18th, January 2012

I met up with Matt on Friday afternoon and we headed down to a local reef to chase some salt species. Kingfish are top on my "things to do marked URGENT list" but Snapper and Kahawai are certainly not an unwelcome by-catch. Far from it in fact, Snapper are hard hitting and hard fighting fish especially on light gear. Kahawai pull hard and give fantastic aerial displays.

I found myself with the choice of two setups, a 12wt and my Trout setup that I have been using to throw relatively tiny trout flies. A 6wt is a handful with a sinking line and a heavily weighted 4/0 Clousers but I've made it work quite well. Coupled with a Rio Outbound Short ,(one of Paul's fav's ;o) it merrily lumps out the sort of flies needed to get down in the strong reef currents. The "Short" 30ft head aids in casting around tight structures and bowls the heavy flies out with ease.

Hooking even tiny Snapper and Kahawai on this gear can be exciting, the 12wt has a tendency to stay completely straight with anything under a pound. With light gear you can really enjoy a great little tussle with many thrills and spills along the way.

We had a great weekend, no monsters but lots of smaller models to practice on. The Big Gun is always sitting rigged and ready, close to hand in case the Kingfish turns up. Until that moment I'm rocking the 6!

So get out there and scale down your gear, you too could be completely under-gunned when the elusive Kingie or mooching Snapper come busting through and grabs your light tippetted fly....still, it would be fun for a few seconds!

When I left the South Island I had it in my head/heart that it might be the end of the adventure. Sure I knew there was some good SWFF to be had near Auckland but after two months in the vast expanse of the SI I had settled on the fact that semi-urban harbour fishing wasn't going to rock my world.

How wrong was I.........

Trev's world is rocking!

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