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Ronan's report

Saturday February 1st 2014

Winter has grabbed a hold of Denmark these past few weeks, not too bad, but below-0-temperatures and quite a lot of snow. Fishing is not impossible, but I haven't been out for a while (in fact, I haven't been out since January 3rd).

Which made last weekend's tying session all the more reasonable, in door activities are just more fun when it's cold and windy out side. If the read last Saturday's FP, you might remember that I was visiting my good friend, Jens Pilgaard and Fugl og Fjer Fluebinding (that's Bird and Feahter Flytying in English). Apart from specialising in rare bird skins and feathers, Jens is an incredible fly tier, and he had a agreed to teach me how to tie mallard wings on classic spey flies.

We set out with a pattern called The Grey Heron, an old classic from River Spey. Tag, but, ribs (three of them!), body and hackle was manageable, and then we came to the wing. OK, I said, this is where the real troubles begin. Jens, being a very good teacher, was confident and said that using a few tricks and knowing this and that, I'd do fine. Jens tied his fly, and then I tied mine (today's PoD).

I think I did alright - it's not perfect, but I'm very pleased with my first, proper looking classic spey fly.

Now I've set out to tie a box full of fishing flies (you know, on normal, loop eyed salmon hooks and slightly smaller than the one in the PoD). I've set out with Grey Herons, and I'll be adding Black Herons and of course, the White Winged Ackroyd (which is a Dee fly, but that's fine by me :-). On my fishing flies, I've used modern, braided tinsels instead of floss, synthetic dubbing (SLF) instead of seal's fur and so on, but the hackle and wing is impossible to replace - nothing synthetic looks like heron and mallard.

Right, back to the table to tie more Grey Herons!

Have a great weekend!


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