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German Fly Festival 2014


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Monday: Paul Arden
Tuesday: Harps
Wednesday: Bernd Ziesche
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Saturday: Viking Lars
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Ronan's report

Thursday 22 May, 2014

Last week Alex and I were working hard to get the final preparations for the German Fly Festival 2014 done. Not much sleep involved though and still I was waiting for my Friday breakfast on Monday morning! Anyway it was all worth it!

We had a fantastic weekend! Paul Arden (H), Lasse Karlsson (DK), Stener Skogmo (N), Christopher Rownes (CH), Robert Gillespie (IRL), Bart de Zwaan (NL), Lee Cummings (GB), Lars Bentsen (DK), Eoin Fairgrieve (GB), Hendrik Wiegand (D), Bas de Bruin (NL), Mikael Fr÷din (S), Andy Wei▀ (D), Johan Put (NL), Andre Miegies (NL), Hans Weilenmann (NL), Christoffer Friedemann (D), Thomas ZŘllich (N), Marian Schultz (D), Walter Reisinger (A), Daniela Misteli (CH), Mike Townend (GB), Holger Lachmann (D), Andreas Andersson (S), Ulf Sill (S), Marc Scovby (DK), Manfred Raguse (D), Kai Sto▀ (D), Heiko D÷bler (D), Sean Stanton (GB), Sebastian Kracht (D), Pete Vikanis (D) and all other people in our team helped to present the highest level in fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying to all visitors. Great demostrations, workshops and lectures during the whole weekend. It was a pleisure to meet such high quality in all fields of fly fishing. Lots to learn and talk about!

Special thanks also to all our exhibitors. Especially team Marlo Fly Fishing and team Fly Only helped us a lot!

Two visitors from Dubai coming for a two day trip to our festival traveled the longest way! Special thanks to both of you, guys!

Regarding the feedback we achieved a huge wave of excellent feedback.

"Fantastic level and a great mix in fly tying!", "Excellent casting level presented by some of the worlds best fly casters.", "Great food, well done.", "Well organized festival!", "Thanks a lot for a great weekend to Bernd and Alex (and the whole team)!", "Please run the festival again in 2015!", "Great atmosphere during the whole festival!"

Furthermore we are happy to announce Daniela Misteli (CH) to have won the German Freestyle Masters Final. She won the fly tying battle live on the festival. Lars Holtfoth (D) came second, while Lars Sebelin (D) came third. Huge congrats to everyone!

Armin Kundolf (D) won the GFF Masters fly casting (5wt. MED distance) tournament. Leif Christensen (DK) came second and Holger Lachmann (D) came third. Huge congrats to all of you. In the pro group Lasse Karlsson (DK) came first, Bart de Zwan (NL) came second and Paul Arden (H) came third. Congrats guys, great casting for sure!

All in all we had slightly over 700 hundret visitors during the whole weekend. Not as much as we were hoping for, but still I don't know any other fly (only) festival/show in Europe, which started above that level. In fact I do know most started much lower. And it seems fair to say after 6 years (first ever GFF in 2008) this was a new start again.

We all agreed to have a huge potential to significally grow the festival during the next issue already. Gladly though several exhibitors already have asked to participate next time. Now when will it be? We'll see. Definetly no longer than 2 years before the next GFF will be hold! A lot of people have asked us to run it again next year though!

We like to really say THANK YOU to all the fly fishermen supporting us, wether it was as a visitor or a team member! We are family and all of you helped to achieve such a great spirit during the whole festival!

I wish all of you a great week and some proper fishing during the weekend. Alex and I will be back teaching Sea trout fishing.

All my best


p.s.: GFF Website can be found here: German Fly Festival.

p.p.s.: You may find some pictures in the pic of the day section!

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