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Ronan's report

Thursday August 23rd, 2007

I had a suggestion for a theme for this week, but somehow only Magnus seemed to bite, and only with a semi-sarcastic question as to how I use my PDA (which I just got) in fishing.

See, my idea was that we should write about the little gadgets that we wouldn't want to be without - but the ones that aren't made for flyfishing. A good example are forceps - we all carry them (well most) and they're really made for surgical purposes. And yes, I know many of you carry small pliers, use your finger and so on, but you get the idea.

I've got many such items, but one springs (ha, that's funny - you'll see later) and that a scale I've just recently bought. A traditional spring-scale that is indeed very precise. I use it for weighing shootingheads after they've been customised to my different rods. I have a lot of shootingheads and most of them have been weighed on electronic laboratory scales, and weighing these let me know that a spring scale can be accurate to under ½ a gram.

There must be others out there who use weird little items that aren't directly related to flyfishing, but still find good use - let's talk more over here :-).

Have a great day
Viking Lars

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