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Ronan's report

Monday 1st February, 2010

Just back from a weekend of casting courses with Peter Hayes, both in Melbourne and here at Peter's place in Tasmania. It was 37 degrees in Melbourne, I asked for a bit of heat and certainly got it. So that was lucky. Sunstroke, dehydration and an inability to think or cast on Sunday morning I just accept as part of that good fortune. You know the saying, "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it"? Well that's the Melbourne weather for you.

Some excellent casters and great times at both locations. Managed to sleep in until very late today, and so this week's SLTV show is unfinished at the moment! Ronan has 6 minutes of Great Lake Sharking ready to roll - and it's looking pretty good from my end. However I have to add another day's fishing or casting in there somewhere, which I'll get around to shortly. Realistically this will be live tonight at some point and then we'll bugger off out-back early tomorrow.

I learned a lot from Peter Hayes over this past few days, not only by the way he teaches (both clearly and thoughtfully) - but also with the way he roll casts. It's not the Roll Cast with Peter, it's the "Tasmanian Triangle Cast" and is quite similar to skimming a stone - and bloodyhell, is it effective! Today he pointed out that his method of Roll Casting has more similarity to Rick's 170 and my Snapback Roll has more similarity to his distance stroke. Peter's easily one of the best instructors I've met, despite being Australian, and it's been a great weekend!

OK it's time for me to edit! There are some pictures from the 37 degree Melbourne course here. I'll add some more later.

SLTV Episode 10: Dry Fly Fishing for Sharks.

Cheers, Paul

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