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Ronan's report

Wednesday 28 November, 2012

Yesterday me, Paul, Djordje, Holger, Akos and Aitor fished the Baltic coast for Cod and Sea trout. Besides having a fantasting day in almost perfect weather conditions enjoying to fish directly below the skyline of Ruegen's famous chalk cliffs I caught one small Sea trout as well. Since the wind was low in the evening (which is very bad for catching Sea trout), we finished the day fishing for pike. It was Aitor who caught our first pike.

Today we started in two teams. Team A: Holger, Djordje and Akos and team B: Paul, Aitor and me. Our plan (team B) was to catch a shit load of fish! So I decided to bring Paul and Aitor right into the best spot (Flemish cap, as you know) that I know of for catching MANY pikes. Of course I first of all had to blindfold their eyes in order not to have to kill both of them afterwards...

We then had a bet about how many casts it would take each one of us to hook up with the first pike. Paul went for the FIRST cast. Aitor decided not to make such a guess (which I - NOW - think was very smart) and I went for the THIRD cast. Well, on my third cast I indeed hooked up with OUR first pike. The next two casts pike 2 and 3 followed. You can already see I won our bet. Paul and Aitor still seemed to be very excited about the spot.

What followed now was quit a lot of good takes. Within the next hours I received around 35 strikes and could land around 20 pikes. You wonder what Paul and Aitor were doing at the same time? Well, Paul after a while (2 hours) decided to make his way back to the car because he was freezing like hell and needed some serious sleep (since he almost didn't sleep last night). You already can imagine it took him some time to find the car since he was blindfolded on the way down to the water. Finally he phoned me to ask and after a while he found the car - BINGO!

Aitor kept fishing right in front of me while I was catching a pike almost every 10 minutes. Of course we tried to figure out why all pikes were completely refusing Paul's and Aitor's flies:
1. It wasn't in the fly.
2. It wasn't in the the fly line.
3. It wasn't in the casting distance.

But it was in:
A) The leader (I used titan = the thinnest wire tippet of all of us)!
B) The retrieving speed!
The interesting thing was to find out that I forced most pikes to take my fly by a very slow retrieve while that did not work at all for both Paul and Aitor. The visibilty of their wire tippet was very slightly higher. That (we had very clear water today) would have meant to strip FAST in order to make it harder for the pikes to see their tippet. After my titan leader was gone I fished the same wire leader like Aitor and still caught another 4 pikes. But it took little extra time to get the next hook up and yes, I got it by increasing the retrieving speed. Aitor and I always have to analyze the things into detail ;). So Aitor tried to use a leader ONLY monofilament in order to prove our theory to be correct: He hooked up with a pike but lost it. Afterwards he didn't hook up with another one while I still caught a few more pikes.
After all it was a combination of the longest casts (I used the heaviest head), the lowest visibilty for my leader combined with SLOW retrieving that made me catching the shit load of fish for team B. Team A landed 8 pikes (Djordje 4, Akos and Holger 2 each) in a different (also TOP SECRET) spot. In the evening we had lots of fly tying and talking bull shit about casting and fishing - fantastic! Tomorrow we will be back fishing for Cod during the day and pike in the evening. Hopefully the BIG ONE will show up as well during the next days (I have another SECRET place in mind here). So let's keep up next week ;).

Great takes to all of you, so long

p.s.: As I said last week: It takes at least a book to explain all 10 big points in detail (I offered) on pike fishing.

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