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Ronan's report

Thurday, January 29th, 2015

The world as we know it is changing fast, too fast sometimes. The Guv and I have been writing FP for exactly two years now, on all the type of calendars on the Race Day Calendar. We had a discussion last month and have decided to move on to other pursues. I think we have had enough playing here and it is time to move forward to other adventures. There are only 7 days in a week and Sexyloops could use a new FP writer for a fresher look.

We started writing here with the intention of showing to the Sexyloops world there are different people from other parts of the world are doing fly fishing differently, catching weird fishes, living very different lives and have very different set of values in life yet have so many similarities for we are all doing fly fishing. I think we have achieved that objective and it is time to move on. We would like to thank Paul for allowing us to play at his camp fire. We will still writing about fly fishing though but with more focus local content in our own languages and on our own domains. Paul is free to use our writings whenever he got too drunk to write his next FP although we cannot guarantee that we will be polite even when we were writing in our own languages.

Paul is all set up in Malaysia now which is good. He has a car, a boat, a girl, maybe a harem and owns a bar too. He even got his unattended rod stolen for the first time which to me is a good wakeup call because one can never be too careful in this part of the world. He will be writing more about fly fishing in this part of the world so the Guv and I could do with a bit of a rest. Honestly I think over the past two years there had been too many FPs on fishing in Malaysia but not many fishes caught!

More importantly as I have said the world is changing fast. Over here we are anticipating some tough times ahead, at work. I have just restructured my debts and wound up two companies in anticipation of the tough times. I am still on a contractual employment and unless I pay more attention in building my own businesses I will have to continue to winding up companies. The Guv has more responsibilities than I; he has the welfare of his loyal employees to worry of. That said, however, it is not all gloom and doom over here. We are anticipating tough times but we are expecting better fishing to come our way. We actually got our fishing kitty sorted for the rest of the year and perhaps next year too. We are going to have more fishing and all the adventures that come with it. So fishing wise it is all looking good.

If you are coming over to Malaysia please give me a shout. I am actually nicer than my FP persona, when I am nice and the Guv is actually shorter in real life than when he is on the FP. I will still be on the board and will check it when I remember my password.

So, fish head curry anyone?


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