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Ronan's report

Wednesday 23 October, 2013

Last week I was asking whether the Switch cast, the Jump roll cast, the Underhand cast and the Forward Spey cast are referring to the same cast or not. Lots of response came in, many thanks to all of you!

In summary most people who did answer me, agreed all these casts to refer to the same cast. A cast that in short can be described with "lift, sweep, cast" (and no significant change of direction). Now Paul and I were meeting Ron Holloway (during the AAPGAI meeting in Caer Beris), who is one of the most knowledgable Spey casting geeks we have met. A full interview will follow soon! Ron showed us an old book published around 1900 "Fine & Far Off, Salmon Fishing Methods in Practice" written by Jock Scott. This book has a full chapter representing a cast, that Alexander Grant developed during the 1890s. And it was called SWITCH CAST!

To keep this short: That cast could include a significant change of direction and was much closer to the one we today teach to be the Single Spey cast, than it was to the one many instructors do teach to be the Switch cast today. Interesting, isn't it!? Just 2 weeks ago Paul and I were taught (by Günter Feuerstein, EFFA), that we have to give our respect to those, developing new fly casts and therefore being the ones to give those casts a new name. In fact Günter (as well as us) is one of those, who obviously did not know about the true Switch cast and how it was done.

Thanks to Ron and Jock Scott, I will from now on call the cast Jump roll cast (lift, sweep, cast and no significant change of direction), unless someone will show me an older name for the same cast to have been used.

The Switch cast to me is and will be the one Alexander Grant developed over a hundret years back.

Besides having learnt more about Spey casting history, I had a hell of a time with Lasse, Paul and Peter, as well as with many of our friends in the AAPGAI. Great week in great company. Thanks to all of you!

All my best


p.s.: Looking forward to further discussions on the board!

p.s.s.: During the next 6 weeks I will be fishing for pike and Sea trout along the Baltic coast. I may not have internet access all of the time. In case Paul will love to put a Wednesday fp in ;).

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