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Ronan's report

Saturday 22nd November, 2008

It's 10.30pm and I'm standing here writing an FP - yes, standing :-). Not because there's anything wrong or anything - just because my mother in law has this cool desk that raises up and down :-)

Had I only followed these simple guidelines, I'd be done hours ago!

Here they are:
1: Never be distrated by women (which none of us ever are anyway).
2: Know what technical line control is!
3: Work three days in advance.
4: If you're expecting a 4, you really need to get with the program - this is Sexyloops - there never is a 4!!!
5: Use clever software and not NotePad to code your HTML!

It's now 10.40pm, and I have obviously failed to comply with 1, 3, 4 and 5, and I'm not entirely sure what technical line control is, so maybe 2 as well.

Damn, I need to get with the program :-). On the Board, there are some pretty interesting threads right now, especially this and this, both on flies - a typical winter subject!

Finally, I really must complain a little. As said above, I'm with the inlaws (which is cool), but I was supposed to be fishing. A good friend and myself had planned a weekend trip this weekend two months ago, we had a summerhouse rented, lines reeled up, flies tied, beers packed - everything ready! And then, for crying out loud, King Frost decides to lay his cold hand on the country for the first time this year this very weekend! I mean, it's been snowing, dammit! So, no fishing - instead weekend at the inlaws'. But, I did bring some flytying and I'm going to spool some new shootinglines and make a new shootinghead, so at least I'll be thinking about fishing :-)


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