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Sea trout on Gotland, Sweden


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Ronan's report

Wednesday 23 April, 2014

At the moment Alex, I and our current group of fly fishermen are still fishing on Gotland for Baltic Sea trout. For me the journey of Sea trout fishing started in age of five years. That was when I caught my first Baltic Sea trout of my grandfather's sailing ship. During the next (now) 35 years I fished for many different species in many different places around the globe. Still if I would have to choose just one species to fish for, it would be Baltic sea trout. With no other fish I constantly get as excited as when hooking up a 5Kg+ Sea trout! Well, I should add this to happen no more than once a year usually.

Gotland is a fantastic Swedish island, perfect for coastal Sea trout fishing. It offers 27 rivers each producing a fair number of Sea trout. Then Gotland offers a perfect nature. Heavy stone cliffs, stony beaches and fantastic drop offs near the coast line. Maybe the best pro for Gotland is the relatively low fishing pressure. Many days we didn't meet any other angler.

Last week the water was a little too cold and we had lots of strikes but in the end didn't hook the fish. This week the water temperature increased and the Sea trout are much more active. During the past days we caught several fish every day. Some serious good ones inbetween. Everyone one of us caught Sea trout - simply a hell of a time!

Right now it's midnight and I need to sleep a few hours before we will start fishing again early morning. This may sound strange coming from a guy fishing all year round for Sea trout, but I can't wait for the morning to come!

I added a few pictures of the past days to the pic of the day section. ;)

I wish all of you a great week - hopefully some nice fishing included!?

All my best


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