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Ronan's report

Friday May 27th, 2007

This is a Competition World for sure. A long time a go, The World was on crossroad. There were two main directions to go ahead. One - to fallow road of soul, spirit, to try to find the most deepest philosophy answers ,to work on not so well known and unused side of the human brain (which is 95% of brain capacity) ,to investigate, develop and improve this 95% in a manner to change substance and nature on useful but painless way in a benefit of all human race conserving nature on the highest level in the same time.

That World should has been World without directly competition , fight and zillion Wars on the end between humans. The only competition should be competition with our selves. Each human should win him self and become better personality….. That was road of Uranus, Planet of Genius , Planet which gave a chance to every person to become a Genius…. The Second road, was build from the mechanical ,physical ,meat ,blood ,rough material, cheap substantial, almost animal way .Kill your brother, kill your Son, kill your Father to took his woman and gold, land and horses…Kill anyone else different than your self ,because he is wrong .And he is wrong because he is not like you. More ,I am scared from things that I don't know, so its better to kill the bitch immediately, later I will think….The survivors and woman will accept my religion, habits and my way of living… And one day, when I kill everyone who is different than my self ,I will clear the World, and the World will become unique place with same religion, skin colour, habits, way of living, food, design, language, thinking, smell….. We will gonna live in happy Communism ,Fascism, Capitalism, Socialism you name it…Then, I can make other peoples to be my slaves, working for me for poor salaries, but I will be reach and powerful. I must be like that if poor peoples want that I protect them from enemies knocking on the door.

The human race chooses this second way of pain. History of such a Society is History of Wars. History of Wars is History of Profit. The short periods between two Wars, was used for organizing different competitions , or Sports Competitions in Today's time.

So, 5% wins the other ,95% of Human Brain, just because human race was a little bit lazy or scared from them selves to work on it, choosing easiest way, on the first view. That's why we have now :5% of people enjoying a life, and 95% of people suffering in poor life conditions. But, they got lots of fun, and things which will make them to forgot on poor conditions continuing to work hardly and make these 5% even more reach and powerful. That fun is based on competitions which imitate The War, if the War is not maybe here at the moment. I can't change terrible mistake human race made before millions years a go. But I don't need to attend or to watch stupid competitions, giving support to that wrong, stupid and bloody decision from ancient times. I will continue and choose to walk that first road, and try to fight and win my self ,in a trying to throw better and more perfect loops and catch the fish with only one possible, but bloody heavy presentation cast, using the only one proper fly ,chosen from 1.000 others flies. I think we still got a choice, somebody of us are still standing on that crossroad, having a chance to choose better road ,at least for that amount of time we're spending in Fly Fishing & Casting.


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