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Ronan's report

Sunday October 23rd 2011

Paul started an interesting discussion on the board last week as to what makes a great fly fisherman. Lots of relevant factors were identified: Technical capability, observation skill, experience, etc.

For me there's one overriding factor that separates brilliant anglers from the rest of us. I'm talking about energy levels. People with high energy levels won't sit around waiting if the fish aren't showing. People with high energy levels will walk the extra kilometre to that pool that seldom gets fished.

High energy folks are the ones who are out casting in the field, despite the wind and rain, rather than lounging on the sofa watching X-factor; they are the ones who change tactics and flies more often than you and me, ringing the changes until they find the thing that works.

High energy levels mean that average skills get turned into excellent skills. That extra horse power gets you out there more often and turns inexperienced guesses into experienced intuition.

The interesting thing is that when you talk to these exceptional anglers, they are all busy people. They run business, hold down jobs and look after families; they invariably have multiple interests (excelling at most of them). Impressive stuff.

So, I need to find a way to increase my personal energy levels.

Einstein said that energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.

The speed of light is fixed.

So, in my pursuit of excellence, I'm putting my emphasis on increasing mass. Double helpings for dinner and lots of caramel digestives should just about do it.


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