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Ronan's report

Thursday 13th October, 2011

"Hey, how ya doing? Out catching bait again?"

Damn it! I can't mouth off to him; he's my boss! My boss's boss's boss actually and always gives me crap about trout fishing. Honestly, I could fire back since he's a fisherman, but his brutally quick wit can be pretty formidable. Still my local trout pride often wants to throw down his ocean charter bill fish.

Unfortunately last weekend, he was right. All I caught was bait fish. Tui Chubs. For those unfamiliar, they little cyprids, like little asp (not the ones Janko catches, more like Paul's). This time of year there are balls of the silver belly and green brown backs clumped up in the lakes. The shorelines have clouds of them passing like smoke around the rocks. Little flashing rises sparkle in the wind ripples, and unfortunately the ravenous bands eat whatever they can get their mouthes around.

The massive tui chub fly that got tied on next stopped em! I didn't catch anything else the rest of the day. If I did it would have been big!


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