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Ronan's report

Monday December 10th, 2007

I'm proud to present the first Sexyloops Silver Sock for Outstanding Achievement in the Technical Analysis of Casting to Grunde Løvoll!

For the last few years, Grunde's contributions to The Board and to fly casting in general have taken our discussions to an amazing synapse firing (and for myself often sputtering) level. His high speed videos of casts are amazing on their own, but when analyzed as they are in The Rod & The Cast, an interesting light illuminates how we really get the flyline moving . Technical threads about the Stop and the Haul have opened more aspirin bottles than Paul will need to survive the Speight's Coast to Coast Race. Grunde's even donated the lab coat off his back to the charity auction!

I had the privilage of getting on the water with Grunde over the weekend. He's not opposed to ice in the guides, stuck in the sand, surf casting into the teeth of winter's north wind, crazy cutthroat fishing either! Of course he is from Norway and might have just been happy to see more than 3 hours of daylight.

At any rate, it's a sock well earned.

Cheers, Eric

ps be sure to check out his presentation tomorrow in San Francisco where he'll discuss using laser tweezing to seperate the fly shit out of the pepper

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