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Ronan's report

Thursday 15th April, 2010

You have to be prepared for weather in the mountains of Alberta. Even in July it is not uncommon for a sunny day to turn into a blizzard. The Sexyloops gathering on the mystery river in 2008 proved just that. Rain at the basecamp soaked everything (Paul’s tent floated away) and there was a fresh layer of snow in the high country.

I haven’t had much chance to get out fishing, but I’m still on the water. On one of my latest trips the weather was phenomenally strange. Calm, then wind, then rain, then hail, then snow then sun. At one point the temperature dropped from +12 to -2 in less than an hour!

The storm did have a good side effect for me. The cutthroat were rising to midge emergers. As the wind came up the midge were blown into the boulder area where I was standing. The midge adults, pupa, and shucks were like a slick on the water. Dip a finger in the river and it would come out covered with midge bits. One thing that surprised me although I had read about it in Ralph Cutter’s book “Fish Food”, was the size of the midge shucks. Some of the shucks would cover a size 14 hook while the emerging midge would be a size 16 or 18. The emerging midges were also on the surface, horizontally like a shipman’s.

Anyways, next week I’ll make an attempt to find some dinosaur tracks while fishing, but in the mean time I’m in beautiful Canmore wishing I was on the River rather than in a conference room.

Keep a winter jacket close at hand!!

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