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Ronan's report

Wednesday 16 April, 2014

At the moment Alex and I are teaching a group to fish for Sea trout. Usually in our groups nearly everyone carries a camera in order to shoot some nice pictures of the fish, the surroundings and almost everything about the whole trip. Especially the pictures of all fish being caught are the highly important ones to most people as I realized in many (almost all) trips. Personally I am shooting over 25000 pictures per year in fly fishing. Pictures are a form of extra clear memories to me. And my memories are quite important to me.

During the past few years I realized some fly fishermen hunting for the one perfect picture of a fly caught fish. In order to get it they shot MANY pictures of one and the same fish. For example I remember a picture of a fly fisherman swimming side by side under water with a Tarpon. Of course the fly rod as well had to be perfectly placed in the same picture!

In one way that picture looked really amazing to me. Perfect quality, different and really a fantastic picture all in all. BUT it also made me wonder about how many pictures were needed and how long the fish had to go thru the whole "torture".

For me this will always be a no go. Yes, I want a perfect picture, too. To me there is only one way for a perfect picture and that is a very FAST one. If in order to release the fish fast the picture quality will not be perfect, than it will be that way!

I am not going to tell anyone here what is right or wrong. I do understand those fly fishermen who think every single picture of a fish will only make it harder for the fish. And I have to agree. So the least thing I can do, is trying my best to shoot a picture pretty FAST always.

At the moment we are having a hell of a time on Gotland, Sweden and you may find some pictures in the pic of the day section. I hope you like them!

If you want to share your thoughts about those outstanding (definetly extra time consuming) pictures we more and more see in magazines and in the www, I would be happy to read them in a thread here on the board!

Great fishing everyone!

All my best


p.s.: Congrats to Pete for catching his first sea-caught Sea trout yesterday - a nice silver ca. 3Kg one!

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