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Ronan's report

Tuesday May 1st, 2007

Now is the season of Shootouts, Festivals and Meets.

Danish Fly Festival was so different from the Game Fairs I attend in the UK - better organised and less commercial. My memories of DFF - looking out over a field where 50 or more people were trying to cast, all at the same time and apparently all at the same spot and not a single punch-up (certainly not Scotland.) Watching a kid of maybe 10 or 11, idly underhand casting a short line with a DH rod while her father chatted to a friend - even on grass her loops were great. The Echo mini-masters - Tim Rajeff, Hywel Morgan, Lasse, Lars and co., casting a tiny Echo practice rod, fitted with a shooting head -Tim won. (All thanks to leverage of course!)

Next up - the Scottish Meet. Interesting that liver damage is a common danger in all out events. There will be rods, lochs, beers and whiskey - not necessarily in that order.

Meanwhile Sexyloops missionaries are attempting to convert Western Australian Rich. Despite a severe lack of convenience stores and firearms, Rich insists on wearing his facemask at all times. Missionaries Bob and Carl report Rich is having a difficult time with marsupial wildlife.

Not too much trouble with fish as yet - its coming!


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