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Ronan's report

Thursday August 17, 2006

Who *is* protecting our streams? As it's obvious in this thread on the Board, there are many different rules and regulations concerning our waterways. Denmark is no exception from this fact, but thankfully there are some good men around.

A fishing club nor far from where I grew up does and incredible job on creating new and restoring old gravel-beds for the trout to spawn in. Every autumn, they gather up a small bunch of people, get the proper permissions from the county and municipality, and then go to work with gravel, shovels, forks and big machines.

This work is priceless for the stream. The work is primarily done in the small tributaries as the main stream isn't suitable for fry to grow up. The tributaries however, are perfect for fry to grow up as they have some rather spedific demands to the habitat: low water, lots of places to hide and nice current to put oxygen in the water.

Their work will carry on throughout the autumn, both constructing new gravelbeds as well as restoring old one and preparing them for the trout. This is mainly done by simply turning the over with shovels and forks so the current will rinse the gravelbed for silt. Silt is murder on the eggs as is will prevent them from a fresh waterflow and oxygen.

All for now,

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