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Ronan's report

Tuesday 28th April, 2009

This past week was a vision of what is or what could be guiding as a job here at “the Moulin de Sauvage”. I had the opportunity during this training to bring a few clients fishing. Half a day on the river looking for trout, not very successful….6 fish around 4 pounds spotted, not feeding, right in the bottom. One came down from a rock to the streamer but he missed it… the only real action of this short session.

Same day in the afternoon we went bass fishing in the 2,5 pond of the Moulin. The same costumer took his young soon with him. The mission was helping the kid taking his first bass. He was seven years old. They choose to have a go with spinning rod and ultra light plastic lures. It was a good day for both father (around 30 fish) and soon (10).

It's an amazing fish that I'm just discovering. I'm from north of France and it's rare here to find bass in the northern part of the country (basically, if you draw an horizontal line in the middle of France you'll find bass under the line). They're smart and crazy in the mine time.

I had an other day like this one with two other customers, same technique, same place, same oars, and same different customers fishing but not me

Yes it's a job and even if it's a good job, it's not always simple to go fishing, be there and do not fish. Hell there will be no perfect job in the world or what!!

Third day of guiding we went down the river with canoes looking for pike with dead fish and triples hooks (not a clue of the real English word but I guess you'll get it) we will say “mort manié”. A great all day paddling under the rain (6 pikes caught and released, and 10 missed). Oh dear where is Cuba…..

Ps: I enjoyed this week; it was a bit like a real confrontation to the job. A good training.

Cheers guys, Tonio

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