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Ronan's report

Tuesday November 2nd, 2010

The 31st was the end of the general fishing season here in Alberta. Cool summer, lots of moisture, but a great fall, with brilliant colours and mild temperatures. I have heard that it was poor fishing, but with water in the rivers this year, I imagine fishing was poor because fish actually had a place to go.

I took the weekend to have one last hurrah on a river that will be closed until June to protect over-wintering fish and fall and spring spawning. I have mixed feelings about some of these closures. I know that closing the fishery does protect the fish, but at the same time, for over half the year there is nobody on the rivers, watching for possible issues (poaching, industrial spills etc). Besides the loss of the "river watch" some of the best fishing hatches are missed (insert very selfish reason).

I know that even if the seasons were extended, the sub-freezing weather would keep most anglers off the river and ice cover would protect many areas from fishing. On the flip side, we likely would have people out trying to target spawning rainbows in the spring and browns in the fall... maybe it is better to have a closed season.

Anyways, I went out and maintained a perfect stat of no fish caught in a whole river system this year! It is the first year since the mid 80's that I haven't caught a fish in that river, although I have to admit I only made 2 attempts this year. The funny thing is, I don't feel sad about it, but just happy to know it will be there for me next year, whether I fish it or not.

There is always a next year, right?

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