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Ronan's report

A strange thing happened the other night. I woke up and I could clearly see my hand in front if my face. That's odd because we're out of town here with no street lighting and usually it's pitch black.

I got up, opened the curtain and there it was: the brightest moon. The whole valley in b&w negative, shining silver-grey. Trees and fence-posts casting shadows, and the stream glinting in the distance.

The scene was at once totally familiar and yet spookily odd. It had the effect of making me feel slightly out-of-place. In the past people who behaved oddly were considered to be moonstruck, and I can see why. Lunacy.

And it's a big moon right now. Last night, the moon was the closest it's been to the earth since 1992 - that's 221,567 miles if you're counting. Apparently it was 14% bigger than usual. So I'm guessing there'll be some big tides this week and some spectacular saltwater fishing somewhere or other. I bet Morsie knows where.

The other big thing is that today (in the Northern Hemisphere) we have the Vernal Equinox. This is officially the start of spring, when the sun is perpendicular to the axis of the earth and everyone gets roughly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of spookily-big moonlight.

I'll bet the astrologers are having kittens, what with all this planetary alignment stuff going on, and those hokey fishing calendars which purport to tell us when "them fishes are a-bitin'" will have today highlighted in bold text and red ink.

So, if you haven't been up all night like me howlin' at the moon, get yourself out there and do some catchin'. It's Spring.



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