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Ronan's report

Saturday November 3rd, 2007

Very late FP today - I got caught up in some chaotic packing yesterday and have only just now arrived back in Hungary. My laptop's been repaired (only took three months, Eric) - just as well it wasn't serious, and it's all systems go again. Or in fact, all systems late. But tomorrow we'll be online on time or perhaps even early for once.

So if you didn't know, we have some super Sexyloops Caps which we've launched in the tackleshop. On one side [the front] there's our Sexyloops logo and on the other [the back]: "Fly Fishing Fly Casting and Socks". Remember always to wear your socks, by the way, ladies and gentlemen. Little tips like that is why we are here. You can buy one of our fantastic hats, in either black or mystery colour blue/grey - hell let's call it Iron Blue, Vicky - HERE! Perfect for Christmas, orgies, deep sea diving and interstellar flights in search of the Big Fish.

Today - tonight actually - we'll have two or three new entries in our kick-ass Directory. Remember these are the guys who want your business. That makes them very cool, although slightly mad, people. Or maybe very sensible? Who knows? We'll have to profile them to find out. I'll start off by interviewing Rich.

Some great stuff on the Board and interesting discussions in that other 'Real World' that I managed to create by mistake. If you're looking for the Secret to Life itself, then good luck, you won't find it here. Not today anyway, but be sure to check in tomorrow, you know, just in case Bob's worked it out. It may involve a windfarm.


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