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Ronan's report

Thursday 16th October, 2014

We had a great weekend here in Essex, putting the British Flycasting Team together. We have a team of five dedicated members, Jonathan Tomlinson, Lee Cummings, Scotty Louden, Ben Dixon and me! We're really hoping to raise our game for 2016. The next step is to find some decent sponsorship, because we need it!

I'm busy organising for Australia at the moment - I have a new MacBook which I've had since January but haven't configured yet. I'm doing this tonight and hopefully not tomorrow and the next day as well. I've already made the mistake of downloading Spotify for it, which for some reason wiped 20GB of music off my phone. Fantastic - what a waste of life!

What else? Trevor is building the HT4s at the moment. We are out of HT8s! Probably be two and a half weeks before we'll have more in stock. We have HT6 in stock. All flylines and of course the awesome Sexyloops Cap - you'll have to email me if you want one - 20 Euros!

Fantastic photos as usual in Ronan's Blog.

Cheers, Paul

Here is Ronan's Report from NZ:

Opening Weekend...

Another season is well under way. For opening weekend I decided to try some newish water. I had fished it once before about 11 or 12 years ago but only a pool or two and my approach was not great. My memories were of a stream being so willow lined that casting was impossible but thankfully it wasn't all that bad. It was tough, but far from impossible. I put in a couple of very big days on it to kick off the river season. I covered about 40kms on foot over the 2 days. By the time I got to the truck at the end of day 2 my legs had nearly ceased up. They were burning. I don't believe they've ever burned that much. Over the winter months on the lakes, my legs didn't get the training the rivers give them and I felt it. It was well and truly worth the pain and effort though; I had some great, challenging fishing and some magnificent fish. That's why I'm here.


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