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Ronan's report

Thursday 24th August, 2011

Urban fishing has made me a sneak. Driving through neighborhoods that aren't mine, looking for paths to the water, a parking spot that won't cause a stir or an odd eye. Moving through the shadows of the industrial park after hours when only the cleaning crews are around to tidy up the offices. Going through the gap in the fence in the back corner of the yard. Finding a subtle spot to slip away at the park. A meter free spot downtown. Always looking for an access.

Quietly and quickly boots on, hat, bag and rod. I don't want anyone to see me, I don't want them to see that I'm fishing. No need for them to say "oh someone was fishing at the corner/bridge/bend". Certainly, don't want to evade the question of "Catch anything?" I tell half-truthes and am sure they can see through my dodgy answers, even when the truth is far less than spectacular. A little paranoid anyway, I'll sneak.

If I see another angler, I'll spy for a bit. Is it the worm? Meh.. at least he's not going to move but I'd go to the book and bet my rod that everything he touches, dies. Is that a spinner? a walking spinner? a wading spinner?! *tinge of fear* Stealthy, quick ... deadly. Is he going to fish my run? I'll jump around the bend and hit the pool. He'll never see. I'll sneak.


ps sorry for the late page!

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