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Ronan's report

Friday 20th February, 2009

Re.    Market Research Department Report
     Competitor Activity and The ZA Corporate Dynamic
     14th December 1987

Gentlemen I took the opportunity to study this document during a pretty intense “Gongs and Bongs” session in the CBI Meditation Yurt at Glastonbury last year. My notes were mislaid in the Chi Dong Bender and have only recently been returned by a lady unknown to me signing herself Ms CoCo-LoCo Hotbody and informing me of the progress in her pregnancy, most odd……anyway….my apologies for taking so long to respond.

I must say Lamson seem to have taken the diversification bull by the horns, I suggest that we make funds available to set up a pneumatic tubes and cash balls division pretty bloody pronto before ZA hits the bloody red rocks of weak R&D funding, visionless management and we end up royally “elbowed” out of the tackle market altogether.

These companies are diversifying, if they can make this stuff out of substandard mangle rollers and twisted socks then surely so can we….if they can smash display counters the length and breadth of the land then so can we.....

The Bliss honey trap info from the Loomis chap looks pretty hot (which I have passed on to Jimmy the Wig for the usual cut) and this looks like a perfect time to expand into the financial services industry, time to gear up, borrow, borrow, borrow, debt load and apply what we know of leverage, springs and self jerking to these new and exciting markets.

I believe it's time to start a bank, an international bank, a bank for anglers everywhere, a bank they can trust, a place of safety for their savings, where an investing angler can buy reliable financial instruments from a reliable company that supplies reliable banking tackle and tough durable banking clothing….and specialist banking hats.

ZA BANK, The Peoples Bank….A True Right Bank….Our Bank….

It's a cert, nothing could possibly go wrong….fire up the AMPIG boys… we're going to the CITY……


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