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Ronan's report

Tuesday October 31st, 2006

Out casting in the park this afternoon, nobody else ever casts down there. Mostly, people look and carefully walk around. Occasionally, witty teenagers feel compelled to tell me "There's no fish there Mister" usually followed by a sneering snigger, I feel compelled to suggest they "Fuck off!" - in the wittiest possible way.

Occasionally someone stops and watches, they smile or shake their heads and walk on, one or two ask what I'd doing, some come to chat.

Today, a wee guy stopped to watch me. Made the usual "Wish I could…" comments. I stopped and we talked about the river and fishing. Dod (local diminutive for George) chatted about his fishing past on the Deveron and Ugie.

I asked if he'd seen anyone fishing on the salmon beats. He smiled. A week or back he met a salmon angler getting into his waders. They chatted and Dod asked where the stranger came from, "A little village in Lincolnshire." Dod told the stranger that his granddaughter lived in Lincoln and is getting married on the 29th of December. "At some hotel used by wartime bomber pilots…" The stanger laughed and said "Petwood Hall? We had our wedding reception there 35 years ago."

As we talked, Dod's memory had been jogged, thanks to the Second World War he'd finished with school early, first to work on the land then at a wartime airfield. Still there, long abandoned, one of the airfields where raids from Britain targeted warships tucked in Norwegian fjords. "Planes would come back with great holes in the wings." Which made me smile. "My uncle Jock was an engineer, on that airfield repairing those planes."

The idea of Six Degrees of Separation is that through friends and acquaintances everyone on the planet links with everyone else through no more than five intermediaries. Less fashionable than it once was, but in fishing it seems true.

Over on the board, we've created a new forum. The idea is simple, post details of a something to auction, we all have stuff we can spare and don't use or things we can make. Wait for bids. The winner sends a large donation to a charity, which clears landmines. Send the goods to the winning bidder. The cause it great, old landmines maim and kill for years after conflicts have been resolved. Defusing and removing them is dangerous and costly.

In typical Sexyloops style, we want to raise thousands and have it matched by a tackle company. So, what do you have you never use?


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