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Ronan's report

Monday 15th July, 2013

Yesterday I mentioned that there are still vacant spots in this year's very exciting Sexyloops' Fly Swap. I have a couple of entries here in today's POD. So if you're on the list and haven't finished your flies then please get tying, and if you want to join please let us know either on the Board or else by dropping me an email!

I'm off to Keszthely today to pick up some Sexyloops Rods, including an 8 weight Torpedo and a 4 weight prototype. I'll also get to visit my boat, Fellowship (I didn't name it), to drop in an electric fridge and test the outboard. I may take it for a fish and a sail and camp out overnight. Not sure yet! I'll also be visiting Decathlon to buy lots of energy gels for the imminent Hungarian Ironman... I need 30!

It will be quite nice to go to Keszthely; I haven't used the boat at all this summer. And it's always quite idyllic floating around on Lake Balaton on a nice summer evening... dropping anchor, going for a swim, casting a white bunny off the bow. Camping out under the stars is fun too, apart from the millions and millions of buzzers that decide to visit - sailing under the stars is even better!

It's not always quite so idyllic however, thunderstorms can roll in suddenly and it's amazing how quickly and choppy the lake becomes. At times it's more like being on a sea than a lake - the Hungarians do like to think of it as being a sea. I've been meaning to cycle around it; I imagine it would be quite a slow process if you stick to the busy cycle paths, but still easily achievable in a day.


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