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Ronan's report

Thursday July 6, 2006

I've realised it myself a long time ago - I'm into tackle - I like it and I want lots of it :-). I've been into flyfishing for quite some years now, and I pretty much have the tackle I need for now (I know from history that that *will* change at some point :-).

I've recently fulfilled a 10-year old dream of mine by getting a complete snorkelling-outfit - wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel, weightbelt, hood, gloves, boots and the works. And I have to tell you that diving-stuff is *almost* as cool as flyfishing-stuff :-).

The plan is of course to recon over my favourite fishing-spots in the salt and get to know them better, and hopefully find new ones too!.

I've done snorkelling in the past, but never with a wetsuit and proper fins and everything - and if you want to stay outthere for more than 15 minutes, you need a proper wetsuit.

To go with all this I've also acquired a waterproof compact digital camera, which I'll be bringing both diving and fishing, so expect loads of underwater shots on Sexyloops from now on :-).

This weekend we (the little family and I) leave for two weeks of summerholiday close to some of the best seatroutfishing in Denmark. Of course, the water is 20 degrees C or more, which means nightfishing (which is cool, because I really enjoy that). That leaves the day for diving over my spots and enjoying the beach with the family!

Just perfect!

Enjoy the summer,

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