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Ronan's report

Wednesday 05 December, 2012

After fishing a week with Paul, Aitor, Djordje, Akos, Holger and Andi I had some thoughts on what to expect of a fishing trip:

Over the years I have learnt to never carry any expectations to catch BIG or MANY fish in my bags. Going to fish in TROPHY water I even won’t have any CATCHING expectations at all! This is simply because it HURTS when the catching part (as expected) does not work out. I guess most of us know exactly what I am talking about here? ;) (At least Paul does.)

Instead of catching expectations I have very high expectations for every single detail of my EQUIPMENT. Having just shared a week of fishing with Paul this includes:

A) Boots - which do NOT fall apart after one or two days (like Paul's did), because: “These boots are made for walking!”

B) Waders – which will fit (and stay) my personal ART of moving in and (in regard of Paul especially) outside the water. You may find Paul's art of climbing a (small coastal) cliff in the pic of the day section. He immediately ended up with TWO significant holes in his new waders and lots of water inside at the end of the day.

C) Flies – which do fit in for the fish I aim to CATCH (Yes, I had a few more flies for Paul with me – so it wasn’t in his flies that he (almost) did not catch a single fish.).

D) A few fly lines – which match different situations based on the species of fish I am after. Until last week I never had seen anyone tying the tip of a (thin monofilament) leader (being at the end of fly line one) to the beginning of fly line two and then reel both fly lines up on the reel. No need to say what this would have meant IF Paul indeed would have hooked up with the trophy Sea trout he NOW dreams of for a while. (Paul: Next time you may want to think of two reels for two fly lines ;) – for a quick, easy and SAFE change matching each situation).

E) A (serious) stripping basket with no holes in it. Even if it is CAMOUFLAGE Paul, it should not be your mum's basket (which is meant to be used for carrying clothes btw). Ok, now since I had to order Paul a real stripping basket on the first day, all he'll have to do is: To bring it! Since (from what I have seen) I doubt he'll ever clean up his car, it should be in there anyway!!!

F) Clothes that keep you warm enough to still be able to find your penis (just to make this understandable for Paul, too). Paul: THAT (7 degrees Celsius water temperature) was still what I call to be GIRL’S fishing. MEN’s fishing starts when the water temperature drops below (let’s say) 3 degrees. Below ZERO is what I call to be really COLD! ;)

Having said all this, still there won’t be a good reason to carry any expectations to catch BIG or MANY fish within a short fishing trip. That is why we call it to be a FISHING and NOT a CATCHING trip.

My personal highest expectations for ANY fishing trip are having fun and enjoying to be in the nature with everyone I share the trip with. The last week I indeed had a hell of a time! Really looking forward to meet all of you again soon – thanks a lot for such great days!

Finally I should add: It took me many years to accept that keeping catching expectations for a fishing trip is not what should be in my bag. Hopefully all of you will never have to learn that, too and instead (opposite to Paul) just CATCH a shit load of fish on your trips.

Having said this you may find some pictures of last week proving that at least some of us DID CATCH a few great fish - besides my personal HOPE of what all of us might catch did not come true THIS TIME ;).

Fine trips to all of you

p.s.: Even though Paul did not catch much last week, I found him to be a hell of an experienced fly fisherman who I could learn a lot from. Over the past 25 years I have been fishing with less than a hand full of fly fishermen being that precise and consistent in presenting their fly. No doubt he has some serious strategies available.

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