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Ronan's report

Wednesday 14th, November

Two weeks ago I ran off to teach pike fishing again:
"I am happy to have maybe the best fishing for huge pike in Europe nearby: The German Baltic coast. So let's try to prove this to be true again!!!"
Well, what can I say?

30 minutes fishing and my first client successfully released a 25 pounder. At that time it seemed as if I was spot-on!?
One thing I had to learn over and over again (and again) is that "catching HUGE fish" and "catching MANY fish" almost never matches!

Mostly when fishing for German (Baltic) pike we caught huge ones (100+ centimeters) but not many. This time we had a perfect start catching a 25 pounder. So it looked like we would catch a few huge ones again. But then within the next days we instead caught MANY pikes: One day we released 25 pikes, the next day we released 17 pikes and then we had an outstanding day and released 65 pikes within 4,5 hours (3 rods). That day we had more than 100 takes - almost unbelievable. But again it didn't match with catching HUGE pikes. The biggest one was around 85cm (which is not huge at all in our waters).

Finally within the last two weeks we caught MANY pikes. We also caught a few big ones (but just one serious HUGE one). We joined beautiful nature and maybe most important (for me): We caught some really beautiful colored fish! All this offered a fantastic fishing to us. Couldn't have been much better, though!

In two weeks Aitor, Paul and Djorde will come over to join fishing for pike, too. Since all of them are very experienced fly fishermen themselves, I have no doubt they already know quite well, having any expectations on catching MANY and HUGE fish isn't what works.

So please, guys... Keep in mind: We call it FISHING not CATCHING, even in Germany that is! Looking forward to meet all of you (Paul, I'd prefer Gin over Palinka this time ;) )!


p.s.: Hope all of you out there had a great fishing, too!?

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Pic Of Day



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