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Ronan's report

Friday June 8th, 2007

Even though I'm not especially artistic or ever aspired to be a photographer or ever owned a 'real' camera, I'm amazed by great photos (or should we say images now?) and do want to take good pictures myself. For starters, that simply means snapping 2 or 3 off of the same subject and trying to remember to keep the lens clean. A smudged picture just sucks.

I've handled a couple nice cameras, one belonging to Andrew and the other was Jan's. They were beautiful pieces of equipment and the results are incredibly rich, made me want one, but I know for most of the things I do I want something small fast and easy, plus I have a habit of being tough on equipment. Not that I don't care, I just get a little distracted now and again... and again. Thank god there are waterproof cameras now. I've proved one a witch as it sunk. They've brought affordable cameras to a clutz's world where previously few would would risk dangling a few hundreds dollars over water. The Pentax Optio W series and the Olympus Stylus SW both get nice comments. I've got an Optio, and it's done me right. It's survived a drop or two, but next time I'm going to seriously consider the Olympus since it's officially shockproof.

RTFM, push the buttons, play with the settings on the damn thing. Find the timer to get yourself in the shot, find the macro to take pics of tiny things, find a setting that can take an action shot without pausing a second to auto-focus, grab a panorama. Use the wrong setting =)

I've managed to put up 2 sets of pictures of the day now, and they hold fond memories for me. I might not always capture great pictures, but sometimes I'm there when there's a great moment. It's wonderful to have a camera there so you can relive those moments that might have been so fleeting you didn't realize they passed. Other times, a great picture hits you with a 2X4, forces you off the road and you have to take a picture to prove to yourself it actually happened. Keep your camera with you and ready, your next picture just might be Bigfoot!


ps. Back up your picture directory. No seriously, do it now!

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