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Ronan's report

Monday 19th September, 2011

I had a great week in Spain last week, fishing with Carlos and George one day high in the hills searching for trout. Carlos showed me the way of the Tenkara "The perfect cast is the no cast" and I had a go at that but it didn't work for me because my "mind was not still". But we had a few fish anyway, despite incredibly low water.

Then I had a day looking for somewhere to throw at mullet, unfortunately all the spots where I saw mullet involved a vertical 10 metre cast with no method of landing the fish.

Following this I visited Alejandro with Aitor. We got to throw some carbon around - including his famous broomstick - and then had a very enjoyable day fishing for barbel. I had four. But also bust on a few others and lost a couple. So not so bad. Mine took nymphs, although I think Alejandro had one on a dry as well as a bunch of others. Superb fish; I love them. They were spooky too!

Saturday I had a cast with Jerry and Marc from Sage who were over promoting the new ONE rod. It's very pleasurable to cast. I threw the 9ft 4, 5 and 6s. As well as a 10ft beast for a 7. A nice responsive rod throughout the ranges.

Flybitch Savage/Karel says that unless you are either Ronan or Paul and haven't received your Flyswap flies then please get in touch because the postman has stolen them. That was last year. This year if you haven't got your flies in then now is the time! Mine will be officially handed over to Janko on Saturday morning.

This week I'm fishing with Alex, Erno, Milan and maybe Peter on the Kupa (depending on the weather that is forecast - we may have to bugger off elsewhere) and in order to do so I'm getting up a 3.42am. Erno chose this time. That's the sort of down to the minute fine planning that goes into any Hungarian/Croatia fishing adventure. I tried to say six would be good too, but Erno said no, "Three forty-two".

Thursday/Friday we have FFF certifications here in Hungary and on Saturday/Sunday a weekend of casting and entertainment at Latohegy in Zakany. Everyone is free to join the weekend and we can take on last minute examinees if you're hesitating. Have a fantastic week and I hope to see you here!

Cheers, Paul

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