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Ronan's report

Monday 5th January, 2009

I'm currently in the Sexyloops email dungeon at the moment, it's pretty dark in here and has been so for the past five weeks; I've been fishing hard and that always explains everything, not only is it a valid excuse but it is in fact the only excuse I can get away with - hell, since this is the flyfishing site it's not even an excuse anymore; it's expected.

Anyway. In order to catch up with my Inbox, I have one of two clever solutions, [1] delete everything and pretend my computer broke [2] drive to Golden Bay, relax in the sun, trail run in the hills and on the beach, fish for imaginary kahawai at sunset, and Mugwai at dawn, and answer 4 or 500 apparently important emails at my leisure.

It's a difficult decision but at least it's not raining here. (In Westport ).

The past five weeks have been great, although certainly wet to begin with, it's been fantastic travelling and fishing with Babus. For me my New Zealand season kind of stops now. I still fish, but only around and after dark. Face it, most of the fish at this time of year are nocturnal and every man and his dog are on the rivers during the day. It's all over Red Rover.

Late season can be pretty good of course - the days are short but the fish in prime condition. I'm here for another month, I plan one backcountry trip and for the rest of the time I'll be night fishing and imaginary salt fishing. Feb sees me (home?) in Hungary and Austria. March we're not sure about - I feel a trip coming on. April, we're into the European season and it's going to be a good one. Possibly the best. Don't ask me why, I have a feeling.

This year I'm keeping a log: days fished, fish caught, number of bombs. Just to see if there's a correlation. I suspect there may be...

So... emails, kahawai fishing, emails, kahawai fishing? Fuck it. Emails can wait, if I had wanted an office job I wouldn't have taken up flyfishing. Godammit, now my computer's broken.


PS Lots of Sexyloops courses lined up and there's a possibility of doing one Feb 7th in UK. Blast me an email if you're keen. Feb is a great month for flycasting in Europe. One of the best.

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