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Ronan's report

Wednesday 20th March, 2013

This event was supposed to take place last Saturday. Unluckily 2 days before that we had 20 cm of fresh snow and very strong wind. As our imbecile government showed its full "potential" again 10-15 thousand people were stuck in their cars on the highway for 24-36 hours. Thank God, civil people proved that they are much more capable to help each other in need than anyone else. Ironically on the 165th anniversary of the Hungarian freedom fight against the Habsburgs austrian snowplows rescued the thousands trying to enjoy the national holiday.

Anyway, a small group of dedicated flyfishermen were in their full powers as always. After a short, peaceful discussion on our board (a couple of long time friendships ended, many injured, others sadly passed away) we agreed to postpone the event to Sunday. Luckily roads were open and drivable on Sunday morning, so 20 plus casters showed up in the morning and 18 competed for the Sage ONE that was offered by Marc Bale from Sage for the overall winner of the two disciplines, trout accuracy and trout distance.

It was insanely cold, a couple of degrees below zero, with strong, icy wind. The field was far from ideal, pretty muddy as it got warmer during the day. The whole place belongs to holiday facility and this particular fenced field is used for grazing goats as a tourist attraction. I heard during the day many times the advice to "wet your fluff" (in your mouth) which a couple of contenders actually did. Considering the amount of goat dung laying around on the field this was real MANSHIT.

We started with trout accuracy. After weeks of consideration we decided to do it on grass. This was a mistake. As we are tender hearted we let guys go through with heavy ticking in the front. Next time we will have to find a place where we can do it on water. The problem was nobody wanted the judges standing in the cold water for hours. Other than that we followed the rules of the World Championships, apart from the line. We used Barrio GT125 WF-5-F for both disciplines. Thanks Mike!

The results of the trout accuracy:

After having dinner we started the distance event. We tried something new here. Similar to a football World Championship we have made qualifying groups, in this case 6 groups with 3 casters each. We picked the 6 best casters in a 2 cast shootout to make a ranking. These 6 guys headed the 6 groups, the other places were handed out by a draw. After the qualifier we made head to head battles for getting in the next round. This way you only had to beat the guys casting at the same time, under the same conditions. Wind and other factors were more or less eliminated. Unluckily we were not fast enough so the 3 men final took place in complete darkness, the judges were looking for the fluff with lamps. Quite hard to cast distance without seeing the line or anything else!

I attached the whole scheme of the distance event as picture of the day.

The results of trout distance:

Scores for trout distance (competitors dropping out in the semifinals or the quarter finals were given equal points):

Combined result:

Well, as you can see I missed the accuracy final by 1 point, despite making the 2 longest casts of the event lost the final by 10 centimeters and was 2nd at the combined scores by 1 point. Wasn't exactly what I would call a lucky day...

As the head organiser of the event I am extremely satisfied that the results are reflecting the performance of the casters very-very well. We could compete in even conditions and the whole structure of the distance casting with the head to head battles is very exciting.

More important than that we had a really great time, this was one of the best events we have ever had. We agreed to make one more competition like this in 2013. I will keep you updated.


Pic Of Day



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