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Ronan's report

Sunday February 5th 2012

A quick front page this week I'm afraid.

My book-of-the-week this week is The Road by Cormack McCarthy. Really dark stuff, but hugely gripping, and touching.

There are a few fish mentioned in there, and one in the very last paragraph. But it's not a fishing book in any way.

It did, though, make me want to get up and go fishing in a beautiful place; to appeciate the air and the sky, the fresh water, the fish, and the bird, and the flowers.

Reading the book had me holding my breath. Going fishing was gulping fresh air.

I can do no better than quote Alan Warner's review in The Guardian.

"Emotionally shattering... The Road affirms belief in the tender pricelessness of the here and now. In creating an exquisite nightmare, it does not add to the cruelty and ugliness of our times; it warns us now how much we have to lose... Beauty and goodness are here aplenty and we should think about them. While we can."

If you haven't already read it, I recommend you do so, now.


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