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Ronan's report

Thursday May 3rd, 2007

Merry May - what to do..... May offers to many different opportunities, and I'm about to embark on one of them tonight.

It's a bit strange really, all through winter and spring, I'm always very focused on saltwaterfishing for seatrout and come May, focus changes for a month ot two towards browntrout and grayling with the odd trip for pike.

In late June I'm back on the coast, nightfishing for seatrout and fishing the rivers for seatrout too! That often takes place at night too!

So, tonight, I'll be in my favourite seatrout river in the Northern part of Jutland. Reports have run in that the first chrome-seatrouts have been caught, and that's quite early. Doubtless due to the totally hopeless winter we've had this year with no snow, no frost and ridiculous amounts of rain.

That is, if I can get my boots on! I have %¤/=)(/"¤%¤ broken a toe last night, the same toe I broke 10 months ago and it hurts like hell. So take my advice, don't play catch with your children :-).


PS - I'll be using my sinkingline tactics!

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