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Ronan's report

Thursday 10th February, 2011

Answer SNOW.

Memories of Spring and Summer days seem to be distant memories ( see pic of fly fishers ) at this time as winter continues its ugly scourge across the country. Sure there are some good sides but not that many.

For one many rivers and lakes very much depend on snow fall as it is the snow melt that then flourishes the rivers with fresh water, provides also at this time the opportunity for many fish species to spawn and if the snow packs are large enough will maintain good water temperatures for most of the yearly seasons if the snow melt is slow, which for many has not been the case in recent years.

The deer still come to my yard looking for the food l put out for them and so do the birds in great numbers, kind of liked this pic l got to day of the Cardinals in a tree but a few yards from my kitchen window.

Sooner or later this shit will be gone, its just a matter of time.

Fishing, well given current conditions not too much of that going on at this time, no big deal the fish aint going no place, tying flies has been on the cards, trips being booked and much else so far as correspondence with other fly fishers around the world, checking out the FF Forums, and general discussions on related matters.

Got a interesting question recently, not for the first time l might add which was, what did l think was the most significant change in recent years, other than rods, reels, lines, mono and tippet material. Took me but a few seconds to answer that one. Answer being bead heads, why would l answer that one, well think about it.

What major differences has this made, there are many. Like it or not it has made for many the act of catching fish way easier than it was before, for the vast majority by today's standards it is the use of indicator rigs for both moving and stillwater applications, Has this to some extent created a new generation of fly fishers that have less skill, l would certainly argue in many cases yes, in others not.

It has certainly made life easier so far as fishing with flies that sink without the use of lead shot. Beads do add a further attraction to a fly no doubt. And as we all know it has generated a whole new generation of flies that incorporate bead heads, nymphs, streamers, emergers, unreal numbers of flies. Check out a catalogue of flies and you will see what l mean, and still they keep coming. We now have fish shaped heads for our streamers, cone heads, you name it, all of which have largely stemmed from the bead head syndrome.

What's likely to be coming for the next generation, frankly l do not have a clue at this time, any ideas. The only thing l can bring to mind at this time, not that it has not been tried before is perfection in molded bugs to hooks. Representations of stonefly and caddis larva, mayfly nymphs, emerging insects, terrestrials, will they work, yes of course they will, why not. The technology is there that's for sure, will it be a commercially viable proposition may be if the price is right. Would this mean we would see a end to the fly as we know it today, maybe who knows. I know for sure that if such models created great interest and many fish were caught there would be many anglers that would use them, that you can be assured of.

Walk into the fly shop, ok l will have 2 ozs of mayfly nymphs, 4 ozs of hoppers, rock worms are doing good right now says the owner, ok give me 2 ozs of those as well.

Stupid thoughts, maybe, nothing surprises me nowadays.

Have a great week all, hopefully this white crap will be gone by next and l can cast a fly and hook a fish, been a while since l did that.


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