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Ronan's report

Saturday September 15th 2012

My good work colleague (who also is a fisherman, obviously) and I were fishing together the other day in an old, abandoned gravel pit. The pit was abandoned 20 years ago and looks like a lovely, little piece of nature today. The owner has taken well care of it and done a lot of work on it.

Anyway, my friend was gear fishing due to a bad right arm and he was into trout right way, and I was struggling. I quickly realised that I was not getting deep enough with my flies, so I went from an intermediate to a type 6 sinking shooting and was also into fish relatively fast after that.

An abandoned gravel pit is not the most nutritious environment you can imagine, but in return, the water is very clear with a sight depth of around 6 meters/18 feet. Damsels and dragons were present in high numbers, along with snails and what else. Last time we fished, a small, scruffy Hare's Ear Snatcher and a Madam X Variant, which not not picking up any fish at all this time.

The heavy sinker seemed to do the trick, because I caught three trout on three different flies (a black Wooly Bugger, a chartreuse Wooly Bugger and a small, light coloured zonker).

Now for today's clue - my friend accidentally hooked a small rainbow in the eye, and rightly chose to kill it, and after we landed our float tubes, we opened it up, and the stomach contained a small mash of semi-digested insects (a few terrestrials and a damsel nymph were recognisable) and - SNAILS! Lots of them - certainly enough that they weren't taken accidentally along with other prey. Nope, maybe 20 of them, small - 3-5mm i diameter.

So how the H... do you imitate and fish a snail?


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