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Ronan's report

Monday March 24th, 2014

Most of flyfishermen (at least in Russia) don't use Double Taper lines. And I've never heard any recommendations to choose a DT line as preferable. Nevertheless I'll try to show you that DT lines today are the most under-estimated. It's my Go To line in 2# and I like to use it on longer 4# rod as well...


1). Ability to manage the cast and presentation at any distance limited only by technical possibilities of a flyfisherman. It gives serious advantages while you are fishing dries, long line nymphing and in some difficult conditions such as headwind. There is no WF line which will be as good as a DT in headwind conditions. It's about impossible to shoot some line against wind with lighter classes of lines and your fishing distance will be limited by the length of the head of the WF line. In the case of a DT, the distance will be limited only by abilities of exact flyfisherman. If flyfisherman can hold 25m of line he easily can fish at distance 20+m with a good accuracy and good contral (it's not necessary to strip all the line to the backtaper as in the case with WF lines) and with an ability comfortably make presentation casts.

2). These kind of lines are also good for training. They allow you to hold a lot of line at slower speed. And that is good for improving timing, gives you more control on casting plane and loop formation.

3). DTs are a good choice for producing longer casts especially in lighter classes and for superlong casts in the upper?? classes using it as a head.

Cheers, Anvar


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Cheers, Paul

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