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Ronan's report

Thursday January 17th, 2008

I'm on duty today covering for Lars - which works out well because I'll be in Austria this weekend skiing, which is something I don't know very much about, only having done it twice, once when I was 10 and also again more recently in New Zealand, maybe 8 years ago. I was pretty crap then to be honest but good at crashing. This is my first winter in 14 or 15 years - it also happens to be my last by the way.

The plan is to get out to NZ for Feb 1st, which is proving both complicated as well as expensive, but it's important because I'm booked in to race the Coast to Coast, which is a multi-sport event: kayaking, running and cycling from one coast of NZ to the other. It seems like a good way to start my trip over - there are other reasons for being there too, with fins. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to cope on the Coast to Coast, never having raced it before, but I think it's going to be hard.

Also, before I get on with today's page, I've been busy for the last couple of weeks editing The Revolution, which is pretty close to completion. The music is better, the fish are bigger and there are bombs. Many bombs in fact.

SO anyway, this week's topic is "My Least Favourite Fly", which is of course Matt's Topic. I have many flies that I don't like; for one thing I don't like globugs - that's not to say I don't use them; I just don't like them - but asides from that I don't like dry flies with split wings - I mean WTF? - also I don't like the Diawl Bach, not for any particular reason - and I don't like overdressed flies. Silver Invicta I'm not too keen on. Coachman sucks. Royal Coachman annoys the hell out of me. Royal Wulff breaks me into a cold sweat. Royal Fuckup is of course fantastic, if only because I invented it. In fact for a while the Royal Wulff was my least favourite fly, but I quite like it now. Just goes to show. Mike's flies I'm not too keen on. Dave's Dead Caddis was a fly that I didn't like, which became a firm favourite, because it's as effective and considerably more interesting than throwing rocks - AND you can catch imaginary saltwater fishes on them. Most saltwater flies I don't like. ALL salmon flies I don't like. Gollum showed me some pubic hair flies that I didn't like - which was surprising. But my least favourite fly is: anything tied with CDC - I mean how are you supposed to catch two fish back to back?

(Of course I still fish them, because there are times when nothing else seems to work - and that annoys me all the more).

Tomorrow: Zoran.


PS: Good stuff on The Board.

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