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Ronan's report

Thursday October 19th, 2006

Lars is off pillaging, which gives me a chance to run Ben's 50p translation of Carlos' page from yesterday...

The 4 of November join in Atapuerca the best throwers of Spain. They want to teach everything what they know. They must hurry since single they have nine hours to do it. It will be an authentic madness race against the clock. Some questions on the matter: I not to send itself very well Why you think that it would have to attend? For two reasons:

1. Because you feel curiosity-interest on a subject that to you seems can turn out interesting to fish more fish.
2. Because there you are going away to find the best thrower-instructors of Spain, some of recognized international prestige.
3. Because there will be a module and several presentations to your measurement.

And if it rains? We will get wet.

How many hours lasts the course? Of 10 in the morning to 7 of afternoon.

There are baths? We will be surrounded by them.

Also there is a bar in front of ours stands out of sent with more baths and hot coffee. I want that they personally take care of an instructor to me by each three participants seems to you enough customized attention?

And if in the end he does not serve to me as anything? I will be surprised much and I will give a course personally you free. And Paul other.

How I can register? Veto and averígualo here.

Repeat many of other years? I believe that around 60% of participants of the last course they return this year.

Can go my woman? There are interesting things that to see in the environs. The deposits of Atapuerca for example. Me I am going to think it Bond. Date haste that I create only yesterday were left four free seats single. In agreement, thanks. Carlos

Thanks Ben, that was great.


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