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Ronan's report

Monday 28th May, 2012

This is a pretty quick FP from Serbia. It has to be quick because I have to be up in 3 hrs and 55 minutes from now, at the start of writing. Yes another night of less than four hours sleep! There has been more of these in the past month than over four hours, and that's because of certifications, travel, socialising with other anglers and of course fishing at every opportunity I get. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to sleep?

I'm down here for FFF certifications, both Milan and Akos successfully passed their Masters this weekend, which I'm extremely pleased about. And we had three out of five CCIs pass, hopefully the other two will pass later in the year. I was particularly pleased that Zoran's good friend Milan/Sena passed his CCI here too.

It's my second time on the Drina. Unfortunately this time was met with incredible amount of rain, all over Serbia, flooding rivers, roads, mountains, and making the fishing very difficult to find. Most of the rivers, including the Drina are blown out.

This was also of course the first ever Serbian Flycasting Competition. We had two levels; non-instructor and instructor. The prizes were for the non-instructors and us instructors just fought it out for the hell of it. Lasse came first, Igor second and I third in the instructor competition - Igor winning my hat FFS. Full results will be posted by Djordje shortly on the Board.

Lots of photos and updates to follow, but now we're off to fish the Gacka. Many thanks to our wonderful Serbian hosts for making us feel so welcome and Djordje for organising such a great event! I'll be talking about the wonderful Hucho restoration project they have on my next FP.

Cheers, Paul.

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