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Ronan's report

Monday 21st September, 2009

Well I didn't do much fishing last week, that's for sure. The Drava at Latohead was high and dirty all week. In fact it's been high and dirty for most of the season. I'm told this is unusual, and I hope they're right! We are apparently just coming into prime Asp time. We're not there yet however, no doubt because it's still summer and not autumn yet. Today it's 26 degrees and it will be 28 again on Wednesday! So OK summer is over but it's only the cherry trees that think it's Autumn. I'm not complaining - I suspect I'm going to see some of this winter and so summer can stay with us as long as it likes!

Still some winter can be fun, and that's the best part of targeting coarse fish, you can fish right through while Hell freezes over and some of the best angling is in the winter. There'll be skiing, fishing and mountain biking - I don't care what the weather gives, so long as I'm outside, in it, and flyfishing - then life is great!

Anyway, the dirty Drava gave me an opportunity to really put some time into our cabin and finish - or almost finish - the inside. This has taken far longer than expected, mostly because fishing and the Ironman got in the way but also because I completely underestimated the amount of work and time involved - surprise, surprise. And I've learned a bunch of new skills and I'm getting a curious fetish for power tools. I built my first drawer last week and even though it's not completely straight, or even close and maybe even because of it, it has character.

Shortly, and probably this week, I'm going to fell a couple of trees because I suspect we're going to need a heap of firewood up on that hill! Still don't know about Canada because someone has lost the car key

So what else? Here's a post on the accuracy component of the FFF exam. Hopefully some will find it interesting or useful, although that would appear that Guy is unhappy with our competition tactics!

OK to the vice - gurglers and superglue await. Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

PS last weekend in October I'm planning the One Day Sexyloops Flycasting Course in Essex. Please email me if you are interested.

Finally: here's some advice on the FFF CI test.

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